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Lauzon is a specialist in the manufacture of stylish and high quality hardwood floors. We marry craftsmanship with new technology to help homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders create naturally inspiring interiors.

Wood is our Essence

Lauzon is a specialized manufacturer of high-quality wood floors. We mix traditional craftmanship and advanced technology to make sophisticated products that will help homeowners, interior designers, architects, and builders create simply fabulous interiors.
Founded in 1985 in the Outaouais region (Quebec) where wood working is a long-standing tradition, we are a family-run company whose values run deep into the Canadian forest. We have a unique integrated business model – From forest to floor – which allows us to control the complete production process and total product quality, from eco-responsibly logging the wood in our sustainably managed forests to the eco-friendly finishing of the perfect floor.

Green is the Future

Lauzon lives in symbiosis with the forest and treats wood as the noble matter that it is. We apply the strictest environmental policies and have led the way with our zero-waste program and innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact. All our floors are made without solvents or added VOC to ensure the well-being of both people and nature.

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