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Lauzon Collection premium quality wood floors are made to meet the highest standards in the industry
and to guarantee a long-lasting beauty without compromise.

Appearance Grade

The look of wood is influenced by the natural characteristics of the tree, such as: 


Joint of a branch to the trunk

Mineral Streaks

Darker variation in the wood grain

Splits and checks

Fine surface opening

Color Variation

Color distinction between the heartwood and the sapwood

Grades are a visual segmentation based on the quantity and variation of these natural characteristics. They do not impact the floor quality as per say, unless some characteristics such as knots, splits or checks are left open on the floor surface which could lead to water infiltration or dirt incrustation.

  • Lauzon Collection floors have zero openings on the wood’s surface.
  • Any naturally open knot or streak is filled during production.
  • All products go through the strictest quality control.

Lauzon Collection floors come in one of the 3 appearance grades.

Uniform Look
Character Look
Select & Better

This floor offers a distinguished and even looking appearance with subtle color variation and natural shades.
Presence of small sound knots and mineral streaks are very limited.


Mostly even in appearance, this floor features a natural color variation with occasional darker shades.
Small sound knots and mineral streaks are allowed in restricted size and numbers.
Fine splits and checks are also possible in very limited number.


This floor displays all the natural characteristics of wood.
Pronounced color variation, filled sound knots, mineral streaks, splits and checks are included in the distinct personality of this floor.

Exclusive Rift & Quarter Sawn

Offered exclusively in White Oak, this floor is crafted through a unique sawmilling technique that highlights its most remarkable features. With a color variation ranging from a soft creamy white to a rich golden brown, it’s dense and linear grain occasionally reveals sinuous, ribbon-like pattern. The occasional presence of knots and mineral streaks is to be expected, it further enhances the beauty of this sophisticated wooden floor. 


The exclusive finishes applied on Lauzon Collection wood floors offer an unsurpassed protection in the market.

Our Titanium™ is standard on all our floors. It is crystal clear to reveal all the natural beauty of wood without the milky effect often seen with regular finishes. It also drastically slows down the yellowing effect caused by light.

This unique finish offers an exceptionally high resistance to impact and scratches. It has no added VOC, formaldehyde, or solvent, and includes antibacterial properties which eliminates 99,6% of bacteria from the floor surface.

Lauzon Collection floors come with a lifetime limited warranty on structural defect and a 50-year wear warranty on its Titanium finish.

No one likes a bad “air day”. By adding our Pure Genius™ to our Titanium™ finish, we transform your wood floor into an air purifier that will clean the air in the room.

We embed Pure Genius agents into the top layer of the Titanium finish. These molecules are activated by light and interact with any contaminants (VOC, formaldehyse, odors…) which are brought by air movement to or close to the floor surface, and naturally decompose them into harmless water and carbon molecules. Depending on air movement in the house, Pure Genius will purify 60 to 85% of the indoor air you breathe.


Lauzon Collection wood floors are made by mixing traditional craftmanship and advanced technology. The high-precision milling of our tongue and groove is renowned in the industry and ensures a perfect fit and stability of the floor joints. Our micro-V edges are among the finest to maximize the visual effect and smoothness of the surface under your feet. 

All Lauzon Collection floors are engineered to offer maximum stability under a wider range of relative humidity. They combine a top (wear) layer of solid hardwood which lays on the structural layer of plywood. Floors remain stable within a relative humidity range of 35% to 65%.

Extra-wide floors (+7")

Our extra-wide floors (+ 7″) have a 4 mm of solid hardwood top layer and a 11 mm of structural plywood for an overall thickness of 15 mm (0,59″). This is the ideal combination to ensure the right rigidity for extra-wide floors. 

Wide and standard floors

Our wide and standard width floors (3-5″) have a 3,2 mm of solid hardwood top layer and a 7,8 mm structural plywood for an overall thickness of 11 mm.

Installation, Maintenance, and Warranty

Lauzon Collection floors are designed to be installed under many conditions and remain stable in relative humidity of 35% to 65%.

Radiant Heat System
Ground Floor
Upper Floors

Lauzon Collection floors are long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your floor beautiful for years to come. 

Good Practices


Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor and immediately wipe away any spills.

Clean your floor with a floor cleaner specifically made for wood floors (e.g., BONA hardwood cleaner) and follow manufacturer’s instructions (never pour a cleaning product directly on your floor).

Place area rugs in outdoor entryways to increase protection against abrasion and humidity.

Clean area rugs to eliminate hard particles that could eventually diminish the sheen or scratch the floor surface.



Never leave water or any other liquid accumulating on the floor. (may penetrate between the planks, darken the wood, or even damage the finish)

Never pour liquid cleaner directly on the floor.

Never use a steam cleaner.

Never use a soaking wet mop or cloth.

Placing area rugs in entryways helps increase protection against abrasion and humidity

Never use wax or an oil-based cleaner as they might damage the finish of the floor and leave the surface slippery, sticky, or hard to clean.