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Species :
North American Oak
Grade :
Select and Better
Color Tone :
True Natural
Influence :
Texture :
Sheen :
Semi-Gloss 40%
Width :

31/4″ (82.5 mm) RO03M202TV
53/16″ (132 mm) RO05M202TV

Engineered Multiply Construction
7/16″ (11 mm) Thick
3.2 mm of Wear Layer

Up to 6′ (53/16″)
Up to 4′ (31/4″)

Micro-V Edges

The ultimate protection against wear and scratches. Slows the natural yellowing process caused by light. Antibacterial properties to keep the surface free of contaminants (+).

Pure GeniusTM
Active purification of the floor surface and indoor air by breaking down the molecular structure of contaminants such as VOCs and formaldehyde. Elimination of odors and increased capacity to repel water (+).