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Healing Properties of Planting a Garden

There is no doubt that spending time outdoors is beneficial to our physical and emotional wellness, and growing a garden is a perfect way to enjoy it.

Get your hands dirty, grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, or a mix, and don’t worry about having a green thumb or even large yard; where there’s a will there’s a way.

Here are ideas, in four simple steps, that may inspire you to grow your little outdoor paradise.


Select the best space

Be humble. Start with a dimension that you can commit to. Once you determine a space watch the daily pattern of the sun. The amount of sun and shade will determine the type of plants to grow.

If you want to enjoy the garden plus visiting birds and butterflies, select a space that will accommodate your garden plus a sitting area for reading or having morning coffee.


Decide what to plant

Draw up a simple plan of the space, including rough measurements.  A trip to the nursery on a slow retail day will help you get time with the staff. Share the plan and ask for recommendations. A mix of flowers and veggies gives purpose and beauty to a garden.    

Gather Tools and Materials

Shop nurseries, garden centers, vintage shops and building stores for inspiration. Choose as assortment of pots, planters, trellis materials even antique ladders. Be creative and consider planting ideas that add height to the garden e.g., plant stands, hanging baskets and step stools. Consider colored mulch, stone, large river rocks and art pieces.   


Nod to the Environment

Consider “reduce, reuse, recycle” and dedicate a space for composting. Compost will naturally feed your indoor and outdoor plants plus reduce your household waste.

If you enjoy sharing your garden with mother nature plant Verbena flowers, they attract hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, and bees. Also, lavender is not only pretty and smells wonderful, but it is also loved by bees.